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Internet Web Site designs for business.

Custom web sites  at reasonable prices.

 I started my business of computer system consultation as the result of my recent graduation from the Entrepreneurial Training course at Berkshire Enterprise. My experience includes - hardware, software, networking, design and repairs. I am specializing in Internet web site design for small businesses in this area

We are located in the township of Nassau, NY about two miles from the Lebanon Valley Dragway. In other words, out in the country side, in a farmers cattle pasture.

However my computer expertise comes from working in the electrical power field of the Large Transformer business of General Electric Co. in Pittsfield, MA and GE's Ordnance Systems military business also in Pittsfield (now owned by General Dynamics and previously by Martin Matietta, and Lockheed Martin over recent years).

I have thirty years experience designing and developing computerized testing equipment for use in production testing and quality assurance. My experience includes testing of small and large electrical power distribution equipment, and military electro/optical systems. I have utilized the most recent technology to diagnose problems, test systems, and develop solutions. I excell at electronic system design, precision electrical measurements, relational database design, computer programming in many languages, statistical data analysis, and communication skills.

I am now semi-retired - that is I am looking for a job (local please).

My interests also include - Sports cars, Industrial Archeaology, racing mechanics, astronomy, music, computers and electronics.



Professional Resume - Electronic Engineer


Industrial Archeology Resume - My experience in Industrial History and the Archeology of Historical Industrial Sites


My personal website - www.capital.net/~kdanneil



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