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Internet Web Site designs  for business.

Custom web sites  at reasonable prices.

 Experience includes - hardware, software, networking, design and repairs.

Member of Consulting Alliance of Albany, NY


Computer System Consultant

What are your office needs?  Computers out of date, can't run the latest version of your software applications, need to communicate with the world?

We can design the computer system to meet your needs.  We have the technical knowledge to design a LAN for your office and also to connect it to the world wide internet with the speed and features you need.

We can provide the personalized training you need to get started or to work as an expert with your software applications.


Web Sites

In Web Site design, we emphasize efficient, clean, business look and feel.  Our designs clearly present your products and company story.  Your customers will easily find the product they are looking for.  The sites load quickly to capture the customers attention.

We can also provide all the frills!  Do you want custom graphics, logo designs, photographs, animation?  Need order forms, catalog display?  Custom programming, Java, interactive graphics, database serving?  We can provide you all the gadgets you want.

Recent Projects - Lynn Taylor Engineers and Tech, Hoffman Technical Associates, and SNEC SIA temporary links.




Is your office running effeciently?  Does you staff know how to use your computer equipment to its full potential?

We can optimize your computer system to insure it properly supports your staff, and we can ensure that your staff knows how to use the equipment with speed and accuracy.

Are your customers effectively supported by your computer system?  Are you connected with your suppliers?  Todays business needs high speed communication from your office to both your customers and suppliers.  We can get you connected.

Need e-commerce for direct sales to customers?  We can provide the Web presence you need to sell to the world.  Web site design, listing with search engines, credit card, other features available to maximize your web profit.


PC Repairs

Having problems with your software, hardware?  We can correct the problem and have your computer running smoothly again.

We have industrial experience with wide range of computers.  With over 10 years experience working with IBM PC's, we have the knowledge to quickly repair or upgrade your ailing computer.

Computer system installation, software installation, LAN wiring can all be provided.

Our experience includes computer system upgrades,  configuration, design, and maintenance for PC's and industrial strength computers.  We can also provide web site design and programming.

Service scheduled for your convience - even weekends or evenings.  Let us know what you need.



Over 30 years of professional experience- Electronic Engineer, Electronic Design, Computer Programming, Factory Automation, Office Efficiency, Precision Electrical Measurement, Computer Repair and Upgrades.

We are experts at using the popular Microsoft Professional Suite of programs and many others as well, such as Lotus SmartSuite, Adobe Photoshop, and Netobjects Fusion website design software.

We are technology oriented but with the business knowledge to get you the best value for your money.  We work to ensure you are as empowered and independent as you need to be.  Our focus is on meeting your needs.

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